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We just went public with this site.  My thanks for all of you who have visited.  We will continue to add to and correct the information on the site.  I appreciate the comments and corrections we have been given in the past few days.  Please continue to contact us if you see erroneous information.

A little about the creator of the site, me.  I live in Ouray and have been a lover of the mountains and Colorado for many years.  Ouray is without doubt the most beautiful place to live.  Sharing that information is what this site is to do.  Many of the businesses locations, websites, and their history will be placed on this site…. as well as the local history and historic places.  We hope to feature as many historic buildings as possible from the site.  Which means this site will grow by leaps and bounds in future months.  Your suggestions are appreciated as well.  You can contact me from the site or by

Thanks for coming on board and being part of the Ouray Life.  Share with your friends, especially those that live in other states.

Ralph McCormick

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