San Miguel

raft3Rafting on the wild San Miguel.  On a weekend after a full week of rain, we decide to go rafting.  The San Miguel normally flows at 400 feet per minute; but this day, it was at 1200 fpm.  Wild and rambunctious…  We were warned about “staying in the raft.”  As if any of us were going to get out in the water for a cold ride.  At the temp the river was that day, the guide said we would need 2 minutes of the water to pass out.  Made me wonder just why I chose that day two weeks before.

It was a good trip, safe and sound.  Rained the entire time.. not bad.. we were getting wet from the water.  Coming to Ouray, try one of the rivers around to try your rafting skills, from WILD TO MILD.


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