Ouray is a “Pot of Gold” to say the least.  But, to look out my window and see that pot of gold is a beauty that I have to share with you.  I fell in love with Ouray as a teenager (a few years ago).  The beauty and love that I still find here is hard to understand.  When away; the mountains call, when here; it is like Heaven.  The people are awesome and are good friends.  Being here is being away from the hustle-bustle of the BIG city.  On occasion, the ambulance siren will sound and bring back thoughts of the big city life…

How long has it been since you lived in a town where houses don’t have to be locked, police wave or stop and to talk to a passerby, where the fire alarm sounds at twelve noon everyday except Saturday and Sunday to advise of lunch time, small kids walk to school, where tourist stop and take a “selfie” in front of your house to take back the memories, where when working outside a tourist stops to ask questions of you and the two of you become friends for life, and much like the “Cheers” theme song….  “Where everyone knows your name?”  I just described Ouray and the residents and tourist that come to the mountains for peace, quiet, solitude, love, friendship, and so much more.

There is something magic about this town.  I have spoken with those who in 2016, just found Ouray…. for the first time.  I feel honored that I found it as a teenager and have returned to it every year since and today live here.  The town used to rely on gold and silver mining in the early years of Ouray’s live…  today Ouray still draws people, but not for gold… or perhaps it is the gold at the end of my rainbow.  The gold that we put in our heart and soul we receive while in Ouray.

This is Ouray!


From the Amphitheater Overlook.

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