George Wright House

Much is recorded about the historic houses on Oak Street.  It seems that the street with the fantastic view is, past and present, sought after property.  From the 1880s to today, people want to live anywhere in Ouray…  most especially on Oak Street.  Houses date back to the late 1800s.  All are still in use.  Some homes built-in 1878, 1892 and 1896 are still as beautiful or more so today as they were back then.

The George Wright house was built in the summer  of 1878 by Edward Mcintyre, one of three brothers who came to Ouray from the east seeking mining fortunes and building log cabins on Oak Street.  George and Lenora Wright purchased the house on October 25, 1879.  He struck it rich on the Wheel of Fortune Load near Mount Sneffles.  Other owners of the house were C. R. Morris, Joseph Leonard, Casmir (Cass) Stanislawski, Drs. Carl and Doris Gregory.  It is currently owned by Bruce and Tamera Gulde or Ouray.  Today it is a vacation rental.

A friend and a very talented writer produced many books on Ouray.  Her name is Doris Gregory.  One of the books was just about the homes on Oak Street; Houses on Oak Street: A walk into history.  We will be quoting those books from time to time.

Doris lived in the pictured house.  She and her husband Carl spent summers in Ouray from San Diego, CA.  Eventually, moving all year to Ouray.  Her books were/are a cornerstone to history in Ouray.   It became know as the George Wright House.  Books on Ouray are available at Buckskin Booksellers on Main Street  Click HERE.

Source is from the Doris Gregory book, Houses on Oak Street, a Walk into History.