Houses on Oak Street – Rathmell House

RATHMELL sketchss

History:  The Rathmell house and barn built in 1896 by Milton Moore, mining partner of George Wright, who lived next door to the north.  Moore and the Wright brothers owned the Grizzle Bear Group of mines.  The house sold to George Wright after the Moore’s lived in it for five years.  The Wrights sold the home to William and Minnie Rathmell.  After that the house sold to a relative of the Rathmell family, the Fords.  John and Patricia Ford bought the house on June 6, 1967.  Pat Ford was the granddaughter of Ruth Rathmell. 

     You will be the fourth known owner since 1896. An addition of a garage and family room was added sometime around the 1980-90s.  At that time, it appears they insulated the entire home.  The house has been restored to a magnificent look back in time but modernized.  The original house is used as it was in the 1800s.  We took a letter from the granddaughter to make the rooms as the Judge used them.  My office/library are the same room as the Judge.  The parlor, dining, kitchen and bath is the same location.

422 pann

The view from 422 Oak.

Here is the view from the driveway of the house.



From the second floor balcony.