Flag man

I walked out of my driveway on Memorial Day and there was this young man walking, alone, carrying a flag.  No parade, no company, nothing but him.  I stopped him and visited.  I was very impressed.  He was walking through Ouray to show respect for Memorial Day and all those who have served and serve in the armed forces.  In fact, he goes into the Marines in two weeks.  This young man is not one of the snowflakes…. he is a man…  brave and proud of being an American in this great country…  He is not afraid to serve and perhaps give his all to protect you and me.  I am proud of him and told him so and showed him my flag hanging from our front porch.  He thanked me for that.  Wow.. what a nice young man.  In his life, there is one heck of a great family influence.  He continued his walk making Ouray a better place.

Ralph McCormick

Proud to be an American.

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