Clear Blue
Road to Twin Fall/Yankee Boy Basin

Road to Twin Fall/Yankee Boy Basin

The sky over Ouray in July usually consists of early morning sun and by noon we start to see the clouds and rain come in.  That hasn’t been happening.  Our days now reach up to 80 degs…  I know by most standards that seems cool.  It is!  It is also hot by Ouray standards… then if we have the sun, no rain, and wind; we become in the fire watch mode.  There are seven fires in Colorado on east and west slope.  There is a lot of haze in the mountains.  If the monsoons ever begin, it will clear out the smoke and haze and cool us down.  However, most states are sizzling in the 100 plus degree range.  Thus, we aren’t complaining.

There is still time to get your act together and enjoy August, September, October and November.  The aspen trees are totally awesome in late September and early October.  The town begins to slow down in tourist traffic after school begins in mid-September.  Special fall events are on the way.

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