Oak Street January 2016

Oak Street January 2016

Only August 26th and 2016 winter is showing its face.  Brrrr!!!  The Amphitheater is once again within the week turning white.  Many of the above 11,000 feet msl mountains are showing signs of winter.  It is nice to be in such a different place.  It is still 34 degrees at Red Mountain Pass and 43 in Ouray.  Again, it is only August 26th…

Just as a reminder I have placed a photo of Oak Street in January this year.   We have a long way (I hope) to go before we get to this.   Ouray is / will be a winter wonderland.  Come on up for the Color Week Celebration in October and the Ice Festival in January.  Always an event just around the corner…  Mountain Jeeping will slowly come to a close.

BTW, I forgot to mention that it is 84 degrees in Marathon, FL….  enjoy!


Ampath8-26-2016This photo was taken at 1 pm…  still has snow…

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