19 Months into BCS new life

The “5 Guys” committee placed the sign on the mountain in late June 2018. The first time it was installed on the mountain was in 1909. As our photos show, very little happened to it except vandalism and environment damage from that day on. This December of 2019 makes 19 months since the committee of “5 Guys” returned it back to the mountain in almost new condition and the age of the sign is now 110 years old.

The letters condition after 109 years of no maintenance.

The project took about fourteen months from tear down to it’s return to the mountain side. Unlike many other projects, iconic things have been taken down to be repaired and returned to their position and never returned. The determination that the “5 Guys” took this project on was insurmountable. There would be no failure. We were told the project could have taken 10 years or more to complete. We had one thing in mind, take it down, fix it, get it back up. This we did.

My good cartoonist friend, Rob Pudim sent this to me. It appeared in the Plaindealer.

The Forestry Service, City, County, Historical Society (local and state), Dept. of Interior, private individuals, and more had to be consulted and with approval. But we moved on. There were stumbling blocks from forces who opposed the things we were doing to return it to it’s original condition. In the end all was over come and “she” went back up looking beautiful. Perhaps, there is a book describing just how many obstacles were over come to repair and place the sign back on the mountain side. But then, it might just be boring to many?

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