Hotel Ouray

DSC_0001New owners, Patrick and Patty Biolchini, have remodeled the 1893 Hotel in downtown Ouray.  There are rooms that overlook Main Street.  It is a beautiful piece of history and an awesome enjoyable place to “hang your hat” in Ouray.

They have a great webpage with photos of each room.

Hotel Ouray, formerly known as Ouray Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Ouray and offers a total of 14 beautiful rooms and spacious suites.

Enjoy a mix of contemporary design with turn-of-the-century styling.

Once in Hotel Ouray, one steps back in to the past with beautiful rooms that are reminiscent of the 1880s.  This hotel should be on your Bucket List of  “to do”.

The website represents the rooms as you see them when you check in.  Take a look.

Website go HERE