Box Cañon Sign is Back!!!
(Above photo of the new painted, erected sign)

Here we are in June…  with July just days away!!!!

We will light the sign on Friday the 29th of June.  That is just under 14 months since 5 Guys organized.

I am pleased to be the chairman of the “Five Guys and a Sign” committee (aka, The Box Cañon Sign Committee) along with Glynn Williams, Louis Fogleman, Mike Hakola, and Tim Walters, we have been able to get permission from The City of Ouray, the Forestry Service, private land owner, County Commission, the Department of the Interior, the State Historical Society, and everyone else who held their hand up. All that being said, the letters are now back up and are exactly like original. Our committee completed the repair in less than fourteen months. We didn’t replace the letters, we simply repaired the damage to the metal letters (Coulter Construction), powered it by solar (Alternative Power in Ridgway), and assistance from Hinkson Construction of Ouray. Of course, we so much appreciate those who donated to the repair and maintenance of the sign for future years. Our donors are listed on this website.

Our committee will replace bulbs, remove graffiti, and maintain the sign for future years. I will have to confess to those who want to remove the bulbs to use at home. THEY WILL BLOW UP WHEN YOU PUT THEM IN YOUR LAMP AT HOME. THE BULBS ARE 12 VOLT AND THEY DO NOT MIX WELL WITH 110 VOLTS.

Just so you know… It would be nice if those who admire the 109-year-old sign would respect the meaning it has to our community and those who come to visit and please don’t damage or deface it.

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